The NaviMail Substructure

The NaviMail Substructure

  • Guarantee every prospect on your list is the best fit. A ratio of manual research and our data profiling technology allows you to dominate your market and drive revenue with a sniper focus.
  • Focus on your entire market with personalised, prospect-centric emails. See results using time-tested and scientifically proven strategies your prospects cannot ignore.
  • Side-step, time-consuming technical headaches focus on what pushes the needle in your business; CONVERSIONS! Let our masterful email specialists take care of the particulars and guarantee your campaign is optimised to deliver phenomenal results.

The NaviMail Process

  • We liaise with your team to pinpoint your company’s strengths, unique value proposition, and specific Ideal Customer Profiles. You specify your campaign and business objectives and lead us hand in hand in the correct direction.
  • Our researchers dive deeply to identify the verticals that present you with the best fit. With a combination of manual analysis, data technologies, and stringent vetting, we specify high-value targets for your approval.
  • Our copywriting specialists hand-craft and optimise every unique email and response. While our email sequences are structured, each offers distinctive value and personalised content. Well-researched observations, industry insights, and educational opportunities are ways to differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Our team of elites operates your campaign with an all-hands-on-deck approach. Your job? Watch the immense boost of qualified leads fall into your and your team’s laps. You receive campaign results and real-time updates using Google Sheets.
The NaviMail Process
The team at NaviMail were able to generate our startup Saas company an extra 10-15 qualified leads every month within the first 90 days of working with them.
NaviMail helped us save an average of 45 hours every month by handling our prospecting.

NaviMail were able to get us 24 fresh and qualified leads, resulting in over £15,000 worth of new business. Their money-back guarantee ensured it was risk-free, which put my mind at ease. Their process was efficient and streamlined—true masters of their craft.

NaviMail enables you to construct relationships with your entire target market and designate your company as an introspection leader willing to supply insights and information even when a prospect isn’t looking to purchase. These relationships position you as their go-to associate when it’s time to do business.

Managing your entire target market generates powerful results.

More leads, a higher ROI, and increased long-term sales as prospects consume your insights and become buyers. It enhances your brand position and puts you ahead of competitors operating fatigued campaigns with a short-term focus.

NaviMail has the knowledge, methodologies, and top 1% specialists in a position to execute immaculate campaigns. There is no trial and error at all.

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